Game over for rowdy bowling club

17:00, Jun 17 2014
Bowling club
MOVING OUT: The Edendale Bowling Club will have to leave Gribblehurst Park after breaching its lease.

"We're not proud of it."

That's the message from members of a bowling club that's being evicted after complaints about drunken parties and allowing the facility to fall into disrepair.

The Albert Eden Local Board has ended the Edendale Bowling Club's lease at Gribblehurst Park in Sandringham.

The club has been there since the 1930s. But membership is down to less than 20 and it does not have the resources to fix maintenance issues, a report to the board says.

In 2012 the club was put on six months' notice after numerous complaints were received from neighbours about noisy parties, people causing a nuisance, and potential breaches of its liquor license.

The greens have also been used intermittently as a stand-in rugby league pitch and are in a poor state.


"The removal of the club is a sad day, but it is now but a shadow of its former self," board chairman Peter Haynes says.

"It is not possible to play bowls on some of the greens."

"The club's grounds were no longer being used for the purposes of their lease, amongst other matters, so we really had no other option but to take this step."

An inspection in March revealed problems.

Issues included toilets being "very dirty with the majority out of order", blocked fire exits, exposed wiring and rot.

Club member Alan Taki says news of the termination is disappointing.

"We're not proud of it. Everyone is upset about it," he says.

Bowlers won't be disadvantaged by the loss of the club, Auckland Bowls general manager Phil Vyver says.

"There are 51 bowls clubs in the region so there are plenty of opportunities to play elsewhere."

It's not yet known what the facility will be used for but some funds have been set aside by the board for the removal of the green.

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