Nazi salutes embarrass Grammar

16:00, Oct 20 2009

An embarrassing scandal in which five Auckland Grammar students were caught hailing Nazi insignia is the second high-profile incident for the school this year.

On Friday the school became aware of photos posted on the social networking site Facebook, which showed the boys kissing a swastika, making a Nazi salute and kneeling in homage before a flag.

The pictures were taken earlier in the year after a trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Yesterday the students apologised to museum staff and explained why they were bowing and saluting to the Nazi symbols.

The latest incident comes after four Grammar students were disciplined in August following a brawl that broke out against Kelston Boys High School in a rugby semifinal.

The fight began after Auckland Grammar won the match 20-9, with several spectators from the reserves getting involved too. The four players missed the final after an Auckland Rugby disciplinary committee made the decision to suspend them.


Auckland Grammar principal John Morris says the recent incident happened at the beginning of the year but the pictures only came to the attention of the school after a former pupil saw them on Facebook.

Mr Morris says there is "absolutely no justification for the immature and unthinking actions of the boys".

The boys will face unspecified disciplinary action.

Holocaust Museum director Inge Woolf said she would like a meeting between the pupils and Holocaust survivors such as herself.

"It’s very upsetting for anyone who understands how terrible the Nazis were," she says.

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