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16:00, Oct 11 2012
Danny McCrum
FUTURE LETTERS: Danny McCrum, right, is releasing his third album Letters to the Future with the help of co-producer Seth Suter.

Danny McCrum has been writing songs since he was 12 years old - and has just released what might be his most unconventional album yet.

Letters to the Future is the third album by the singer and songwriter and he admits it was not recorded in the way an album normally would be.

Each of the 13 guest musicians to appear on the album was given the freedom to create their own parts.

"It's a very unconventional way of doing it," Mr McCrum, 33, says.

"We gave them acoustic demos of songs and nothing else.

"Our only mandate was that each musician had to be excited about the song they were playing on."


The album took six months to record.

It was recorded in various locations including a theatre, warehouse and a dance studio to reduce the costs of hiring a recording studio.

"The process has just been positive. The whole thing has been a positive experience," the Mt Eden resident says.

The talented musician has performed alongside many musical greats, including Eric Clapton, John Mayer and Simple Minds.

"After we did the Eric Clapton concert it finally hit me what we had just done and I remember thinking ‘oh my God, I just played a show in support of Eric Clapton, that's ridiculous'," the guitar tutor says.

Seth Suter is the album's co-producer and says working on the album has been a great experience. "From when Danny played me those first couple of tracks to where we are now, it's very surreal."

Mr McCrum will continue to promote his new album here and in Australia before heading to the United States where he plays guitar for the Los Angeles-based band, Magnolia Memoir.

The Letters to the Future release party is being held on Sunday, at 7pm at Nectar, 472 New North Rd, Kingsland.

Mr McCrum will be performing with various guests.

Over-18s only, free entry.

Go to to buy the album, $18.

It is also available on iTunes.

Go to for information.

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