Eating disorder clinic closed

21:47, Nov 12 2012

The country's sole community clinic treating people with eating disorders has closed its doors.

Eden Counselling Services was forced to shut down late last month due to a lack of funding.

For 22 years the Epsom-based service aimed to prevent eating disorders such as anorexia through research, education and counselling.

Former counselling services manager Victoria Marsden says a lack of government funding made it hard to sustain the not-for-profit service.

"We're hugely disappointed," she says. "It's a much-needed service and it's very sad clients cannot access a community-based counselling service."

Eden relied on corporate sponsors and lotteries grants to remain open.


The service is now separating into two key areas, counselling and health promotion.

The counselling and support services has been absorbed by Eden's specialist counselling team into their private practice work.

Eden's health promotion services, which include education in schools on body satisfaction, size acceptance and body diversity, will be moving to Women's Health Action Trust.

Eden will retain its brand identity and fit under the Women's Health Action Trust umbrella to ensure continuity.

The Women's Health Action team says it is excited to be carrying on the legacy of Eden's work and is looking forward to employing a health promoter early in the New Year.

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