Smokefree plan for public parks

Those wanting to light up in Albert-Eden's parks will need to think again.

The Albert-Eden Local Board's smokefree policy for public parks, reserves, sports fields and playgrounds came into force on January 1.

There is no bylaw banning smoking and the policy relies on the public complying voluntarily.

"Compliance and support will come through raising awareness of the changes, general social pressure and people's desire to do the right thing, we believe," the board deputy chairwoman Margi Watson says.

"We are doing this to make positive change for the community at large, not make criminals out of people in our community who smoke," she says.

Smokefree signs were installed in some of the area's bigger parks between Christmas and New Year.

The board is still in the process of installing notices in smaller parks.

Auckland's regional parks have been smokefree since 2010.

Central Leader