Car parks lose out to pipeline

16:00, Feb 26 2013

Car parks should be the only casualties of the Central Interceptor sewer in Mt Albert War Memorial Reserve.

Three shafts will need to be constructed in the park to allow construction, ventilation, and ongoing maintenance of the 13km pipeline that will run beneath it from 2017.

The pipeline is to replace the deteriorating sewerage network that services the central Auckland Isthmus and will run from Western Springs to the Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Most of the work will be underground and at the plant, Western Springs, and on May Rd in Mt Roskill.

The reserve is one of 16 smaller sites where shafts will be installed.

They are to be permanently covered and sit flush with the ground.


It is likely they will be opened to vent gases only once every two to five years if severe weather causes a bubble in the pipe.

Construction is not due to start until 2017 and Watercare has been working with the Albert-Eden Local Board over the past year to come up with a blueprint for work.

Under the plan the shafts and ventilation duct will be constructed in the car park, rather than in the green space, as in the originally plan proposed to residents last year and to which some residents objected.

The new plan will also mean the shafts are built at least 40 metres from the nearest home, rather than 15m.

The trade-off is that the reserve will lose about 60 car parking spaces, but the board will seek mitigation for them.

Albert-Eden Local Board chairman Peter Haynes says the board has found the best solution available.

"Whatever option we went with there are going to be some people who aren't happy," Mr Haynes says.

"On the whole I think most residents will be happy."

A sound barrier is to be put up around the park during construction.

Central Leader