Vital central city car parks saved

17:00, Jul 16 2013
Dom Rd
LIFELINE: Cafe manager Nova Khoe is among those who say having car parking available is important for many of the businesses in the area.

Businesses relying on customers being able to park their cars outside their shops are relieved they will keep the vital parking spaces.

Auckland Transport has modified plans for changes to the city end of Dominion Rd following consultation with businesses operating between View Rd and Horopito St.

Initial plans would have seen parking on the eastern side of the road removed entirely to allow for a cycle lane (Central Leader, May 31).

The work is part of a $47 million job set to begin in mid-2014 and is aimed at improving the flow of buses and safety of cyclists on the busy route.

For most of the stretch the cycle lanes will run on streets parallel to Dominion Rd.

But in a letter to businesses, project leader Joe Schady explained that to provide a cycleway from State Highway 20 all the way to the CBD Auckland Transport will have to use the gap between View Rd and Ian McKinnon Drive for cycles.


However, following feedback to the original proposal Auckland Transport has changed those plans.

"We plan to retain the eastern side parking by widening the road by approximately 600mm which will allow enough room for a cycle lane and parking to be provided," a spokesman says.

Seventeen parks will be kept which Auckland Transport says should be enough to handle the average parking demand.

The area is home to several businesses including a laundromat, cafe, sushi shop and a superette.

Wow Wow Wow sushi store manager Manna Wang says the change means they have a much better chance of staying in business.

"Originally they removed parking from both sides and it was serious, but we are OK now," she says.

"It's better than what was in the original plan."

She says there is is not enough passing foot traffic for the business to rely on alone.

Parking to be provided on Tawari and Charles streets across the road would not have helped either.

"People won't park there and cross the road for us. If someone has two kids they won't carry two kids across the road.

"We find walk-in people are not enough. If they removed all the parking we were going to die. People in cars have to stop here, otherwise we cannot survive."

Eden Heights Superette owner Jean Guan is also pleased parks will remain.

"It's much better to have a car park," she says.

"If there's no parking people won't stop."

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