Be aware of dodgy tree trimmers

Police are warning people to keep an eye out for suspicious tree trimmers charging exorbitant prices for pruning work.

Avondale police Senior Sergeant Ross Endicott-Davies says the trimmers make unsolicited visits to people's homes offering to do cash jobs and are believed to be targeting the elderly.

In one case a 96-year-old man who lives alone and suffers from Alzheimers was charged $2500 for work that appears to be worth a few hundred dollars.

The tree trimmers reportedly demanded payment in cash and became confrontational with the man.

Mr Endicott-Davies says those who are approached by people offering this type of service should ask for a business card or other credentials and get a car registration.

"Some might be legitimate but if you're at all suspicious call police," he says.

Customers should agree on a price before the work is done and get it in writing.

Central Leader