Grumpy cat comeback?

17:00, Sep 10 2013
Grumpy Cat
NINE LIVES: Puketapapa Local Board is asking for public feedback on whether people would like to see the grumpy cat artwork resurrected.

They say a cat has nine lives and Three Kings' famed grumpy cat may have used up one of his.

But the kitty painting that adorned the Te Tatua-a-Riukiuta/Big King watertower might soon see a resurrection.

In May the Central Leader reported on the removal of the popular painting from the region's prominent water tower.

The painting was covered by Watercare which owns the reservoir.

At the time Watercare told the Central Leader that dealing in public art is outside the company's operations and any graffiti will be treated as vandalism and therefore removed.

The paper was inundated with responses about the removal, most expressing disappointment about the missing cat.


In July, Watercare revised its position and said it will consider applications for the installation of artworks on its assets but only when approached with a robust proposal that includes formal backing from the community, via the local board or a similar organisation.

In response to that the Puketapapa Local Board is now seeking feedback on whether the public would like to see the Grumpy Cat artwork reinstated on the water tower.

A spokesperson for the board says it would ultimately like to see the reservoir removed as part of a greater plan to restore the maunga.

However, in the interim, supporting the reinstatement of artwork recognises strong community views on the matter, and the board's existing approach of installing murals on graffiti-prone sites.

Following the feedback process the board will take a clear proposal to Watercare for action.

The board is asking people to take five minutes to complete a short questionnaire which closes on September 24.

The questionaire is online at\puketapapa.

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