Plea to get jewellery back

16:00, Nov 14 2013
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PLEASE RETURN: Kayla McGrath hopes to get back jewellery belonging to her mother that was taken in a burglary.

A woman who lost her dead mother's jewellery in a burglary that happened while she was with her sick husband in hospital hopes she will get back the irreplaceable mementoes.

Kayla McGrath's Sandringham house was broken into on November 1 while she was at Auckland Hospital with her husband Keith who had come down with a lung condition.

"We'd had a very difficult night the night before and we were out the door early."

They left the house at 7am and Mrs McGrath returned alone at 9pm.

All of her own jewellery as well as a collection belonging to her mother was gone. Her husband's car was gone too.

Mrs McGrath is originally from Canada and made it back there just a day before her mother's death in April.


"The car can be replaced and the damage to the house can be repaired, but the loss of the jewellery is devastating.

"This is the one aspect of the robbery that doesn't have an obvious solution. I just want to feel like I'm doing something about it."

Mrs McGrath remained in Canada until August, helping her father to sort through her mother's things and get used to life alone.

She hadn't yet had the heart to sort through the jewellery she brought back.

"I can't begin to describe what's in there. I don't think my father could either. I'm not even sure I want to tell him it's gone."

Mrs McGrath's mother was an artist.

"She had big flamboyant pieces in the collection and some smaller pieces that were very unique."

Some pieces would have had opals in them.

Anyone with information can contact Auckland police on 302 6400 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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