Playing colleague 'creepy'

BAH HUMBUG: TV3 journalist David Farrier will be playing his colleague John Campbell in A Basement Christmas Carol.
BAH HUMBUG: TV3 journalist David Farrier will be playing his colleague John Campbell in A Basement Christmas Carol.

Auckland journalist David Farrier is treading the boards in The Basement Theatre's Christmas show A Basement Christmas Carol this month. 

1. What can we expect from you in A Basement Christmas Carol?

I suppose you can expect me to do some acting, or try to act. It's weird, because I'm playing another journalist who I work with sometimes. I hope he doesn't see it. Or maybe I do? God, I don't know. It's a bit creepy, isn't it, playing a colleague?

2. How are you preparing for the role of John Campbell?

I am mainly prepping by watching Campbell Live every night. I record his introductions to each story and play them back multiple times. I've also copied the recording onto my discman and I go to sleep each night listening to his voice. I am just hoping this will sink into my brain so when it comes to show time I can just magically be him. Basically: I am just going to imitate his voice.

3. When was your first foray into acting?

I acted in a show that's coming out on TV1 next year, Short Poppies. I made it with my friend Rhys Darby. It wasn't too much of a stretch, because I was playing myself. I just had lines to learn. It was like the psychological equivalent of going over lines before a date.

4. Are you a Scrooge or a Tiny Tim at Christmas?

Humbug all the way. December 25 is also my birthday, so I've led a life of being ripped off with Christmas presents. "This present is for your Christmas AND birthday" and all that rot. Humbug.

5. Who played your favourite Scrooge?

It's gotta be Bill [Murray in Scrooged]. I do a podcast on iTunes called Farrier's Phone where the entire reason behind it is to have a conversation with Bill Murray. One day.

6. What would the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future show you?

I don't even know where to start. I've always wanted to see a ghost. I'm quite into the paranormal but have never had any firsthand experience. The past ghost would show a kid annoyed he wasn't getting two presents. Present would be me sitting here talking to you. The future, well hopefully one surrounded by beautiful kittens and a shirtless Jeff Goldblum.

7. How are you at giving presents? Any last minute Christmas shopping disasters?

I always do my shopping on Christmas Eve at St Lukes. It's a madhouse - it's like going on a theme-park ride.

8. What would you buy John Campbell for Christmas?

I'd bake him a pavlova.

9. Strangest gift you have ever received at Christmas?

Someone once gave me a painting of myself. It wasn't a joke and it was awful.

10. What's your ideal Christmas?

It's Piha with my friends.

A Basement Christmas Carol plays until December 21 at The Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave. Go to

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