Hit and run driver sought after incident

16:00, Dec 05 2013

The victim of a hit and run incident hopes the driver she says knocked her off of her bike can be found.

The collision happened on Mariri Rd, Onehunga, about 9.30am on Saturday, when the driver of a ute allegedly crossed the cyclist's path to turn right onto Mt Smart Rd.

"I bounced along the road a bit and kind of flipped over," the woman says.

"Then he put his arm out of the window, maybe to say sorry or something, but he drove away.

"I'm appalled that someone would hurt someone like that and just leave."

A couple stopped to help the woman and the driver of a van followed the ute before coming back to give her its registration plate.


The Onehunga woman, who asked not to be named, says she was in shock and didn't take it all in properly.

She's not even sure what colour the van was but is hoping the driver might remember and will be able to give police the details of the ute.

She would also like to thank the van driver for his help.

The woman suffered bumps and bruises and her bike is badly damaged. She is worried she won't recover in time to compete in the Ironman competition she was training for at the time of the crash.

"I've been out on the road quite a lot and I've never had anything like this, there are obviously stupid people on the road."

Contact Manukau police with information on 261 1300 and quote file number 131130/1743

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