Petrol siphoned from parked cars

16:00, Dec 19 2013

A number of Mt Eden and Eden Terrace residents have been getting into the driver's seat to find their previously full petrol tank is inexplicably empty.

At least eight cases of petrol being stolen directly from fuel tanks in the area have been reported to police in recent weeks.

Cars parked on residential streets are being targeted, police say. Most of the thefts are happening between 10pm and 7am.

Thieves are taking fuel by getting under cars and cutting fuel lines and siphoning or draining petrol into a container.

"This would take some time and would require a person to be acting as a lookout while one person is underneath the car," a letter sent to residents says.

Victims are being left with expensive repair bills.

Police are advising vehicle owners to park their cars in a well-lit place, preferably off of the street, and consider sensor lights or other security measures. Suspicious activity should be reported immediately to police by calling 111.

Siphoning incidents have been reported on Marlborough St, George St, Haslett St, Kamahi St, Onslow Rd, Copeland St, Takau St and Lemington Rd.


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