Balmoral complex welcomed

16:00, Jan 28 2014
Peter Haynes
GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: A large scale redevelopment of The Warehouse Balmoral could be what the run-down site needs, Albert-Eden Local Board chairman Peter Haynes says.

Say goodbye to the big red box on Balmoral Rd.

A cafe and apartments are included in The Warehouse's plans for a major redevelopment on the site.

A two-building, 7130 square metre complex including The Warehouse, 34 apartments, and 234 car parking spaces will be built if the retail giant's property company, Eldamos Investments, is granted resource consent by Auckland Council.

The Balmoral Warehouse is due to close this month and would be demolished along with a fruit and vegetable store and coffee shop, the Balmoral Rd BP service station, and a house at 16 Rocklands Ave to make way for the complex.

The Warehouse is working through a nationwide programme to review and modernise its stores.

"It will enhance the environment of the site considerably," a spokesperson for the retailer says.


The company is working through a consultation process with stakeholders.

An application has also been made to rezone part of the site from residential to business.

This application was first notified in 2010 and 106 submissions were made asking that it be declined. Six were in support.

It was put on hold until the council received a traffic report in November and is now being renotified.

The plans are drawing a tentative thumbs up from Albert-Eden Local Board chairman Peter Haynes.

"Everybody has agreed that Balmoral is a bit run down, if you take a wider view and look at the interests of the area as a whole, this proposal looks like just the sort of development that will give it a shot in the arm.

"I was very much opposed to the Balmoral McDonald's - I don't think that did anything for the area," he says.

"But the addition of some quality well-designed apartments and a vastly improved Warehouse I think will do a lot to enhance Balmoral."

The new housing included in the proposal helps give it legs, Mr Haynes says.

"I would like to emphasise that the local board hasn't come to a final decision and that a top priority will be ensuring the local people are taken care of."

The board is still waiting on a report about traffic impacts.

Submissions on both applications are open until February 12.

Go to to view the plans or call Auckland Council on 301 0101.

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