Armed man driven off

16:00, Jan 30 2014
Rajeev Kumar
THICK SKIN: It’s business as usual for Rajeev Kumar who was attacked by an armed man.

Don't mess with Rajeev Kumar.

The owner of Spicemax Dairy on Mt Roskill's Stoddard Rd fought off a man with a gun who is now being hunted by police.

Mr Kumar was sitting outside his shop at about 10.30pm on January 18 when he was approached by the would-be robber whose face was covered with a scarf.

"He didn't say anything," he says. "I just got the impression from his eyes that he was thinking ‘if you run away I'll kill you'."

Mr Kumar got up from his seat and was repeatedly hit on the head with the gun.

But he still managed to knock his attacker to the ground where the pair struggled.


"I wasn't worried, I'm a strong man from India," he says.

"How can I wait for the police? By the time they got here I could be dead," he says.

A passerby came to help and a neighbour rushed over from another store.

The attacker dropped the gun on the shop floor and fled.

Mr Kumar began to chase him but was called back by those who came to his aid.

He spent three hours in hospital and was left with dark bruises on his scalp and behind his ear.

Mr Kumar has been in business for three years and the incident is the first of its kind for him.

He is impressed with the police response and says the attack hasn't put him off staying open at night. But from now on he will make sure he has two staff working.

"I'm not worried. This is my business. If I'm worried I can't do my business."

Police advise anyone in a similar situation to comply rather than confront an attacker.

"Mr Kumar was very lucky, but the outcome could have been very different," Avondale Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Florence says.

Contact police on 302 6400 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 with any information

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