Residents plan protests over noisy flight paths

OVER IT: Robin Scott and Sarah Scobie say aircraft noise is increasing.
OVER IT: Robin Scott and Sarah Scobie say aircraft noise is increasing.

Aircraft noise campaigners will take to the streets tomorrow to protest against what they say is ruining any chance of Auckland becoming the world's most liveable city.

Mt Eden resident Robin Scott and Sarah Scobie of Epsom South say changes made in the last year to the way airlines approach Auckland Airport have increased aircraft noise and adversely affected their quality of life.

They say aircraft using a new "condensed" flight path, continuous descent and fuel saving engine modes create a huge overhead racket at all hours.

A public meeting held in Royal Oak last year attracted 200 residents concerned about the noise increase.

Ms Scott says it is an Auckland-wide problem affecting people from Titirangi to Remuera.

"Auckland is a narrow, small area with an airport in the middle of the city.

"Noise reduction should be a key factor.

"We have so much sea around us it should be used at all times – but no – it's profit before people's mental and physical state."

She says tomorrow's gathering will be a "friendly vigil" to draw attention to their plight. They would like to see a return to the flight paths and practices used before April 2013.

Ms Scobie says she expects a solid turnout.

"There is a perception it's a few squeaky old ducks in the leafy burbs complaining, but it's actually Auckland-wide."

The protest vigil will be held at the corner of Mt Albert Rd and Dominion Rd from 11.30am till 1.30pm tomorrow.

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