Load of old rubbish gets turned around

16:00, Feb 20 2014
Jay Hollows
THE ARTIST: Jay Hollows’ exhibition Trash Art is showing at Cosset Cafe.

An art exhibition featuring sculptures made from rubbish invites viewers to consider how much they throw away.

Sculptor Jay Hollows' exhibition Trash Art is on display at Cosset cafe on New North Rd until March 9.

He has mostly used packaging from household products to create his art.

"The sculptures mimic ornaments you might buy at a nick-nack shop," he says.

"It goes back to my fascination with ornamental objects and how they don't really do much. You just put them on the shelf and they sit there.

"And I'm interested in how much stuff we just throw away.


"It's just marrying the ideas. I thought why not make ornaments out of things we would just throw away?"

The Mt Albert resident recently graduated from the Elam School of Fine Arts and likes to do things a little differently.

For his graduation exhibition last year he had 200 vinyl music records created. They feature the sound of the crackling noise the records from his own collection make when they are played.

"The crackling sound on a record is on the object, it's not on the recording," he says.

"It makes your record unique."

He has also recently had work at the George Fraser Gallery beside Albert Park as part of the Lantern Festival.

Cosset is at 1087 New North Rd, Mt Albert and is open Tuesday to Friday from 7.30am to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm.

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