Suburb to mark festival of colours

16:00, Mar 11 2014
Sandringham Holi
HAPPY HOLI: Sandringham businesses are gearing up for the Holi Festival of Colours on Sunday.

Colours will fly this weekend as the Indian community celebrates Holi.

The ancient tradition marks the transition from winter to spring and happens around the beginning of March in the northern hemisphere.

The Festival of Colours is part of the tradition and involves people throwing brightly coloured powders at each other as they celebrate.

The Sandringham Business Association is holding its own version of the festival at Sandringham Reserve on Sunday.

"It is about celebrating happiness and the victory of good over evil," business owner Gaurang Ambani says.

There is normally dancing, music and food, he says.

"I think it will be quite neat for people to get to experience a little bit of the culture away from India. We celebrate it every year but this is definitely a first for Sandringham," he says.

Sandringham Business Association chairman Mark Birdling says the festival is a chance to remind the public the suburb is a place to visit for its range of ethnically diverse restaurants and stores.

The festival runs from 11am to 2pm.


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