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16:00, Mar 20 2014
CLD Transport
Graham Smallburn, 70, takes the bus from Takapuna to Devonport and then catches the ferry. ‘‘The way the ferries tie in with the buses is very good. Punctuality is spot on and the electronic signs at bus stops work well.’’
CLD Transport
Maureen Keene, 67, drives from Royal Oak to her business in Mt Eden. ‘‘I don’t use public transport, never have. Stepping up is a problem for me. I’ve got an arthritic knee. Public transport is important because the city is going to gridlock if we don’t have a system that works well.’’
CLD Transport
Christina Stanway, 54, Mt Albert.‘‘I haven’t got a car so I always take public transport. There are lots of buses going through Mt Albert but I sometimes take the train if I’m going into Britomart. I think the trains are really good. There’s lots of them and they’re really reliable.’’
CLD Transport
Jim Harmsworth, 50, Papakura, usually drives but sometimes takes the train into the city. ‘‘I reckon the public transport system needs to be better. Trains should be more frequent like they are in England and buses should have more direct routes between suburbs.’’
CLD Transport
Murray Anderson, 62, Mt Eden, is a regular public transport user. ‘‘I mostly travel from Mt Eden to Mt Albert and Three Kings to visit family. The buses are good. I do drive sometimes but the buses take me where I want to go.’’

Public transport use is up but are people happy with the service? Karina Abadia reports.

More and more people are ditching the car for a bus or train.

January saw a jump of 3.3 per cent in the number of trips made using public transport.

The number of train trips was up 7.6 per cent in January compared to the same month last year and patronage of bus services other than the Northern Express was up by almost 5 per cent compared to January last year.

Auckland Transport public transport group manager Mark Lambert says the increase for rail is pleasing considering the disruption to services in January because of ongoing work to electrify the rail network.

Over the past three years the number of trips made by train over January has increased from 527,004 to 588,574 but the bus is still the preferred option for many. The number of bus trips jumped from 3,240,421 to 3,556,897.

On an average weekday some 236,000 trips are taken on public transport in the region and Aucklanders are now travelling on more than 200,000 AT HOP cards.


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