Laptops for high school the 'best gift in the world'

17:00, May 20 2014
Lorenzo Toala, and Tenisi Liuanga
LEARNING FUN: Lorenzo Toala, and Tenisi Liuanga with two of One Tree Hill College’s new laptops. 

Disadvantaged kids at low decile schools are being given laptop computers as part of a nationwide initiative designed to get them better educated and armed with qualifications.

Among the latest to benefit from the Laptops for Learning scheme are students at One Tree Hill College in Auckland. 

Principal Nick Coughlan says the devices will be shared between several classrooms where a number of pupils don't have computers at home and need a helping hand.

"The end goal for all our students is to leave with meaningful qualifications, so that is NCEA," he says.

"To get them there, they know that right now they need to accelerate their learning."

Coughlan says technology is an incredible tool for boosting learning outcomes, but many students don't have computers.


He says some are disadvantaged in classrooms where other pupils do have online access readily available.

"If technology is going to help accelerate their learning then this is just the best gift in the world."

Tenisi Liuanga, 14, would prefer to use a computer for all his school work but has struggled to get access to one before now.

The Mt Wellington resident says computers make writing and concentrating easier and learning more fun.

"It will be a big help for us. In our class sometimes not much focus is happening, but with the laptops everyone will want to pay attention."

The Laptops for Learning scheme is a joint initiative by Variety - The Children's Charity and The Warehouse.

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