Kids missing special screen

17:00, Jul 01 2014

Teachers and students from Sommerville Special School in Panmure are shaken up after an $8000 interactive touchscreen was stolen on June 22.

The school was broken into at 11am on a Sunday. A window was smashed and the thieves wheeled away with the 100kg screen on its trolley.

Corey Busfield, a senior manager at the school, says he is disappointed people would steal a screen that has no practical use outside a classroom.

"They probably took it as it looks like a big television screen, they must be disappointed because it doesn't work without connecting to our computer," Busfield says.

The junior class caters for a variety of students ages 5 to 8 with varying mental disabilities who are mostly non-verbal.

Busfield says the screen is vital for the children's learning.


"The students have finally found something that engages them," Busfield says.

"They are able to interact with the screen and also with the other students, then all of a sudden it is taken away.

"It affects the whole teaching programme as we bought this screen for the students to better engage and focus them in class.

"We only got it in mid-January and our whole teaching programme for these students is set up on this," Busfield says.

Contact the school or the Panmure police on 570 4080 if you have any information.

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