Wives say no mo

01:43, Jan 31 2009
MO BRO: All eight male staff members at Glendowie Primary School are growing whiskers this Movember. From left, Darren Fellowes, Fale Fuimaono, Alan McInally, Jeremy Shroff, Mike Foley, Dave Finn, Matt Sides, Peter Kloppers.

Men at Glendowie Primary School are looking a little hairier than usual this month - much to the distress of some of their partners.

Teacher Peter Kloppers was forced to shave off the moustache he had treasured for 30 years and start again from scratch.

Teacher Matt Sides, normally clean shaven, says it took heavy persuasion to convince his fiance to let him take part.

"I've been doing the groundwork since last December," he says. "I wasn't allowed to do the last one.

When he explained what he was doing to his class, Mr Sides says the children were 'quite shocked'.

"I think they thought we were going to turn into crazy bushmen or something."


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