Sleazy sex out at Ladies Bay

Police are preparing to "reclaim" a popular beach that has been plagued by graphic displays of nudity and perverted sexual behaviour.

Parking and alcohol bans are also being ignored, and St Heliers residents in their multi-million dollar cliff-top houses overlooking Ladies Bay get little sleep at night because of the cars, loud music and alcohol.

In the morning, the beach is littered with broken glass, beer bottles, cigarette butts and used condoms.

Residents say the brazen daylight antics of nudists are destroying the beach for locals and tourists.

One resident, who did not want to be named for fear of repercussions, says the beach has become a place for gay men to "pick others up", and has attracted unwanted voyeurism.

Company cars are often parked at lunch times for a quick peak, before occupants walk down to the beach, she says.

The woman has witnessed men committing indecent acts near young children, couples copulating while men watch on, and one man flash his genitals to a 12-year-old boy having a swim.

"They display themselves when young children are around. It’s taking it from nudism to pornography," she says.

"I find that behaviour very offensive."

She says the sleazy antics have slowly drifted round the cliff from Gentleman’s Bay to Ladies Bay, and has got steadily worse over the last five to six years.

She has been threatened by men when she told them to move on and is now too scared to go the beach alone.

"I’ve been told that Ladies Bay is listed on gay websites as a place to meet.

"But it also features in Auckland’s tourism pages and is advertised to visitors.

"The gay community is fine, but gay perversion is not," she says.

She says some of the men have made coves nestled in the cliff around Gentleman’s Bay using drift wood and stone.

"The whole area should be cleaned up in view of the fact it’s an unsavoury element that creeps in," says the concerned resident.

She says despite paying high rates they are not given the protection they deserve.

"People are afraid to ring the police because they fear they will be targeted."

Glen Innes senior sergeant Graeme Porter says police will be focusing on eradicating seedy behaviour to make it safe for beach goers.

"We are going to reclaim the beach and make it safe for families," he says.

Patrols will frequent the area at night to stomp out youth drinking and loud music on Achilles Pt.

"They don’t realise there’s families around that have to listen to their music at 3am.

"It’s difficult because if we chase them away a new group turns up, but we will be beefing up patrols."

East And Bays Courier