Antique watch a delight to hospice shop

17:00, Apr 13 2010
HIDDEN TREASURE: Ellerslie hospice shop managers Amanda Killick and David Armstrong found this antique watch at the bottom of a box of donations.

A rare watch discovered buried in a box of donations is delighting the Mercy Hospice shop in Ellerslie.

Retail manager Amanda Killick is not sure where the Boxed Waltham Eight Day Deck Watch came from but is grateful to receive such a generous donation.

"I've seen them on the internet for up to US$1400," she says.

"It turned up in the bottom of a box. It wasn't like they even made a big fuss about it."

The watch, which was made in the United States during the early 20th century, is likely to have been used as a marine chronometer – a portable clock precise enough to help sailors navigate.

It is set in a gimbaled wooden box which means that the watch always remains level, even at sea or on a car dashboard.

A listing on TradeMe has attracted plenty of interest in the antique but a sale is yet to be finalised.

Miss Killick says such a valuable donation means a lot to the hospice and the people they take care of as they rely heavily on donations to fund their service.

It costs about $600 a day to care for an inpatient.


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