Tiki's Starship Lullaby touches hearts

22:04, Mar 28 2011
SWEET DREAMS: All proceeds from Tiki Taane's Starship Lullaby go to the Starship Foundation. Tiki is pictured with patients Callum Sellwood, 14, and David Heke, 13.

What started off as a calming song for Tiki Taane's baby boy has become a source of comfort for grieving families.

"I've had some tear-jerking emails from parents," the musician says.

Tiki has sung and played his guitar for his only child Charlie since the day the two-year-old was born.

Charlie started responding to the music when he was three months old and a few chords got him really excited.

"I decided I was going to write him a lullaby – that's where it all started," Tiki says.

He wrote and recorded the song and later decided to do something more with it.


He offered the tune to the Starship Foundation in the hope that it would raise awareness and funds – Starship jumped at the offer.

But he didn't expect the reactions he would get from patients' parents.

Lyrics such as `let the angels take you up into the sky' have been relevant for children who have died.

"Later on I realised it can actually be a sort of metaphor – taking your baby up to heaven."

Parents of patients have told Tiki the lullaby has become "their song".

They've also said it's been played at children's funerals.

A music video to accompany Starship Lullaby was shot at the hospital's atrium.

The moving clip depicts children of all ages surrounding Tiki as he strums away on his guitar and sings to them.

Little Charlie is the apple of his dad's eye.

He jumps on stage at gigs all kitted up in big earmuffs and is a bit of a crowd-pleaser.

"He's part of the band," Tiki says.

The 34-year-old artist's latest album In the World of Light is sitting at number one on the New Zealand music charts.

All proceeds from the lullaby when it's bought off Tiki's website, www.tikidub.com go to the Starship Air Ambulance Service which flies medical experts to emergencies around the country.

After the Christchurch earthquake last month it flew patients out of the disaster zone in the first 48 hours.

Go to www.tikidub.com to purchase the song.

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