Aleisha takes teen crown

17:00, Jul 19 2012
Miss Teen
BEAUTY QUEEN: Diocesan School for Girls student Aleisha Robertson won the Miss Teen World competition.

The Robertson family has plenty of reason to be proud of its two daughters.

Older daughter Aleisha, 16, has just been crowned Miss Teen World and younger daughter Brittany, 15, is a world-class gymnast (East & Bays Courier February 10).

Aleisha outshone 19 other young women at the Miss Teen World competition in Houston, Texas, to become the first New Zealander to win the competition.

The Remuera resident says it took a few moments for her to realise she had won after Miss Russia was announced first runner-up.

"There was a moment of shock and they came and put the crown on me. It was just amazing," she says.

The Diocesan School for Girls student qualified for the competition when she won Miss Teen New Zealand.


She entered Miss Teen New Zealand last year and did not place but decided to have another crack at it this year.

"Last year was just so much fun," she says.

Aleisha says winning the international beauty pageant was a huge surprise because she was up against girls who had much more experience in the pageant world.

The final was held on June 30 after a week of preparation and preliminary rounds.

"During the rehearsals we all had to prepare for all the different parts because no-one knew if they had made the top 10 or the top five," she says.

The girls were judged on an interview conducted earlier in the week, their performance in the evening gown and swimsuit sections and an on-stage question.

Aleisha says the answer to her on-stage question was easy. She was asked what country she would like to visit and why.

"Japan because I take Japanese at school and I thought it would be cool to go there and see it first-hand."

Not only did Aleisha win the pageant but she won the most photogenic and best evening gown awards.

It is the first time a Kiwi has won the prize for the best evening gown.

The black lace dress Aleisha wore was designed and made by Pageants of New Zealand director of judges Judy Board.

The year 12 student says the whole experience was incredible.

"It wasn't really how I expected it to be.

"In the movies it looks really catty so I was prepared for the worst but it wasn't like that. Everyone was lovely," she says.

Aleisha is looking forward to the extra travel her title brings. She is going to the Miss Teen Brazil pageant later this year and will return to Houston next year to hand over her crown.

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