Closure nonsense

17:00, Aug 23 2012
Cameron Brewer
QUAY CLOSURE: Councillor Cameron Brewer first alerted readers to the possible closure of Quay St in February.

Will Quay St eventually be closed to traffic? Mayor Len Brown's answer is yes.

The question came up at the St Heliers/Glendowie Residents Association meeting on Tuesday night.

One association member, Mike Walsh, asked the mayor how Quay St could become a pedestrian promenade (East & Bays Courier, February 8) without closing it to traffic completely.

"This is of great concern. Many of us use that route to access Ponsonby and the North Shore. We see it as being of huge cost and minimal benefit."

Another resident told the mayor "economically it's nonsense". "You'll stop huge dollars coming into the city."

Mr Brown said no work could start on Quay St until at least 2016, because preliminary work for the city rail link would have to happen first.


"I see it as the primary project for delivery of a great city centre. It will be the primary place for Aucklanders to meet and greet.

"So at some point, yes, we will close Quay St," he said.

Councillor Cameron Brewer says council officials had indicated the road, used by 35,000 cars a day, might be only partially closed.

"But it seems the mayor is leading the charge on closing Quay St eventually."

Residents also asked the mayor for an assurance that the character of St Heliers village would be protected in future.

This follows the construction of a large concrete building in Maheke St and the failure to protect heritage buildings on Turua St in 2010.

"We are looking to do a St Heliers village plan. The Orakei Local Board will lead that process and it will come into the Unitary Plan. It will reflect the heritage of the area but also move it forward."

Mr Brewer says it was an encouraging statement.

"He has promised to deliver a plan for St Heliers village that the community and the local board will support. People will hold onto that promise."

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