Chance for Meadowbank residents to have a say

16:00, Oct 09 2012
LOCAL INPUT: Ruth Mackintosh, pictured with her daughter Mackenzie, 2, loves the upgrades to Waiatarua Reserve and she wants residents to join her in having a say in future projects.

Ruth Mackintosh was keen to get involved in a residents' association but was surprised to find there wasn't one.

She's seeking like-minded people to look at creating a combined Meadowbank-St Johns residents association.

The mother of two moved to the area in late April and works remotely as a marketer for United States company Cisco Systems.

She says the area is a great place to live but there should be community representation on local projects.

"There are some very cool things happening out there. The council has just finished making a pond especially for dogs in Waiatarua Reserve, which is pretty unusual.

"We spend a lot of time at the reserve.


"If the council is looking for consultation on that sort of thing, I think we should have our say.

"There are a lot of short to medium-term projects coming up which could have a real impact on our lives."

Ms Mackintosh says she hasn't been involved with a residents association before but has done a lot of volunteering with community groups.

She's been looking at other residents' association websites for inspiration.

"The nice thing is because there's currently no residents association here we can organise it any way we like," she says.

Orakei Local Board chairwoman Desley Simpson supports Ms Mackintosh's mission.

"Meadowbank and St Johns are vital parts of our ward and we want to be able to engage with those communities and find out what projects they'd like to see happen," she says.

If you are interested in forming a Meadowbank-St Johns residents association, email Ms Mackintosh at meadowbankra@gmail. com. For information on other residents associations in the Orakei area, call the Orakei Local Board on 521 7021.

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