Auckland scorecard - how do we fare?

Aucklanders are getting paid better and there are more jobs but buying property is getting further out of reach for some, according to a city scorecard released by Mayor Len Brown. 

Brown introduced the report card last year so Auckland could gauge its performance as it strives to become the world's most liveable city. 

This year's scorecard shows life in the City of Sails has improved across most measures from employment to marine water quality, but housing affordability has fallen 5.5 per cent and air pollution was 0.7 per cent worse than last year.

"The decline in housing affordability and availability indicated in the scorecard reinforces the real challenge we are facing in that area,'' Brown said. 

''It vindicates the need for the steps already initiated through the Auckland Plan, the Economic Development Strategy, the Housing Strategic Action Plan and the Unitary Plan.''

Of the 19 measures, 13 were better than last year, three didn't change and three were worse. The biggest improvements came in youth unemployment which dropped 16.4 per cent, employment by 6.4 per cent, and public transport use which was up 8.1 per cent. 

Brown said the transport figures proved when a quality service was provided ''more and more people are happy to use it''.

Incomes improved by 2.7 per cent and educational achievements were up 4.7 per cent.

"There is still much to be done, particularly in areas like housing," Brown said. "But across the majority of measures - in areas such as employment, education, the local economy and transport - the work we are doing is paying dividends."  

The 2011 scorecard showed the index had lifted by 2.1 points since the creation of the supercity from a base index of 100. The second scorecard showed a further improvement of 3.4 points.

Brown said Auckland was already recognised as a highly liveable city. 

It is 1oth in the Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Report, ninth in the Monocle magazine Most Liveable Cities Index and third behind Vienna and Zurich in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. 

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