Stories to be told on roadtrip

16:00, Nov 15 2012
Tanya Batt and Helen Bacon
FROCK-O-HOLICS: Author Tanya Batt and illustrator Helen Bacon are on a road trip down the North Island to spread joy through storytelling.

A self-professed "frock-o-holic" duo are taking a storytelling road trip down the North Island.

Author Tanya Batt and illustrator Helen Bacon are travelling from Waiheke Island to the Manawatu in the vehicle they've dubbed Little Red Riding Truck to promote their two new picture books, My Dad's a Dragon Catcher and Catching Fish.

In Catching Fish, Jake loses the five red fish off his favourite shirt.

He finds them in the sky, ducking and diving in and out of the clouds.

Jake can't catch his fish with a crooked copper nail, or tempt them down with food, or grab them in his hands.

Then Jake learns the magical power of words.


In My Dad's a Dragon Catcher Toby's dad wears a dragon-protection suit.

Even his undies are fireproof - at least, that's what Toby tells his friends.

But when Ms Deards announces Father's Day at school, Toby panics. Will his friends find out the truth?

The pair are looking forward to promoting their magical tales.

Ms Batt is based on Waiheke Island and has authored a varied collection of books.

She enjoys taking old stories and dressing them up in new clothes.

Ms Bacon, who is based in South Taranaki, has been illustrating children's books since the 1990s.

They will be at Bear Park in Remuera on November 30.

The women will give 19 performances over eight days in schools, kindergartens, libraries and bookstores around the country.

Ms Batt says it's no ordinary book launch.

It's full of storytelling, music and art pieces and two stories will be presented using a story house to actively encourage audience participation.

Children will have a chance to "catch and create" their own story using the story house.

"Stories remind us that there is an unaccountable amount of mystery and magic in this world," Ms Batt says.

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