TV star shares her secrets

21:34, Nov 14 2012
Kimberley Crossman
ROLE MODEL: Actress Kimberley Crossman has just released her first book which aims to help young women find direction.

She may have scored some screentime on top-rating crime drama NCIS: Los Angeles, but Kimberley Crossman isn't letting it go to her head.

The down-to-earth actress cut her teeth on Shortland Street but these days she spends her time between Tinseltown and her home town of Auckland.

Despite her jet-setting lifestyle Miss Crossman found the time to write her first book, Love You: Be Your Best and Live Your Dreams.

The book is aimed at helping young women between the ages of 16 and 24 to build confidence and achieve goals.

"I want to challenge habitual behaviour and make people think outside the square and think about the different areas of their life where they can be improving. The book acts as a toolbox to make positive change," she says.

Miss Crossman says she penned the book over a challenging three months.


"One of the great things about the book was that I allowed myself to be vulnerable.

"I've had moments of zero self-confidence, I've had family with illness, my parents divorced at a young age.

"I wanted to share those experiences, and what I would have done differently in hindsight."

While in town promoting the book, the 24-year-old made sure to stop in at her old school stomping ground to talk to students about the path to positive change.

She attributes the support of the faculty at Diocesan School for Girls as key to her success.

In her last year of school she landed the role of Sophie McKay on Shortland Street and says the staff really helped get her through the tail-end of school.

Diocesan's head of drama Bess Reynolds holds a special place in Miss Crossman's heart.

"She is the most amazing woman, she had such an influence on me. She is such a bright and loving person," she says.

The feeling is mutual, with Ms Reynolds remembering Miss Crossman as a "dream student".

"She was always a role model . . . and she is continuing to be so."

Miss Crossman hopes that by sharing her stories she will encourage other young women to deal with issues they may be facing.

"It's not like you sign up to be a role model but you have to take responsibility and realise that people are watching you and people look up to you."

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