Brazen burglars use second-floor window

16:00, Dec 04 2012
Remuera burglary
SECURITY CONSCIOUS: A Remuera woman who wishes only to be known as Kirsty couldn’t believe it when burglars found their way into her second storey window.

You might think your house is secure but is it really?

A Remuera resident is shocked at the lengths taken by burglars to gain access to her home and make off with valuable jewellery.

The woman, who wants to be known only as Kirsty, says: "We are so vigilant with the way we lock up and our alarm is monitored but we still got burgled. What does that mean for all the people who are less vigilant?"

Thankfully the master bedroom alarm sensor was activated by the thieves' movements, otherwise it could have been much worse, she says.

The burglars got in through a small unlocked second floor window at the back of the house on November 23.

"I didn't have a lock on the window because never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible to get in that way.


‘There's no way I could climb in there. There's no signs of a ladder having been used but there is a footprint on the drainpipe below."

Alarm company records show the intruders entered the property at 11.58am and stayed for one minute.

Kirsty left the house less than 20 minutes beforehand.

The fact they may have been watching her movements is a "hideous concept", she says.

"Whether they were sitting out there waiting for me to go out or just cruising around looking out for people leaving their homes, it's hard to know.

"This is my house and my privacy has been violated. How dare they come into my bedroom and take things which I worked hard for."

Her husband's gold cuff links and the contents of her jewellery box, including three gold bracelets she had just had fixed, were taken from the bedroom. One was a charm bracelet, which was special to her.

It's "devastating", she says.

Crime scene attendant from Newmarket police Liz Parsons says there has been a sudden rise in burglaries in Remuera and Epsom.

"It's a reminder that even with someone like Kirsty who does everything right, if burglars are determined to get in, they will."

But at least she had an alarm sensor in the bedroom which prevented the whole house from being ransacked, Ms Parsons says.

"Even among people who do have an alarm, a lot of them don't use it unless they are going on holiday.

"Burglars know that and that's why they take a chance.

"If you hide your valuable items in a not very obvious place, the loss is usually minimal."

It's always important to be vigilant about locking windows, she says.

"If you want to leave a window open make sure it's not accessible and there's nothing beneath it they can use to climb up," Ms Parsons says.

Kirsty agrees: "Make sure the upstairs part of your house is alarmed, including the master bedroom, and that it's monitored."

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