Cat shot with slug gun

16:00, Dec 18 2012
Cat shot
CAT ATTACK: Glen Innes residents Aaron Foss and Vanessa Wheeler’s cat Senna is recovering after having a slug gun pellet removed from her shoulder.

Vanessa Wheeler and Adam Foss are taking action after their cat was shot with a slug gun.

On December 7 the Glen Innes couple found their burmese cat Senna on the doorstep with a shoulder wound and no function in her front left leg.

Miss Wheeler took Senna to Kohimarama Veterinary Clinic where an X-ray showed a slug-gun pellet lodged in the cat's shoulder joint.

"It's put a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. I just really don't believe there are people out there who would do this kind of thing."

The vet bills have cost more than $2000 so far.

Miss Wheeler says Senna's leg would have been amputated if the nerve damage had been any worse.


"Whoever shot her must have been aiming because it went straight in and very deep."

The couple live on the Glen Innes-Glendowie border and say it is a friendly neighbourhood.

"The thing is, if there's someone still out there doing that, what if a child had been in the same spot? People need to be more aware this is happening."

Miss Wheeler says it feels like history repeating because her family cat was shot with a slug gun in Highland Park more than 10 years ago.

"It must be happening to others out there. I can't believe this has happened again, especially in such a quiet residential area."

Mr Foss contacted the police but officers have said there is little they can do.

The couple have handed out flyers about the incident in the hopes of getting more information.

"We came to the end of the road with the police and decided to take action into our own hands. It'll give people a bit of a scare but it's important to let them know."

Kohimarama Veterinary Clinic surgeon Marieke Wijnen operated on Senna and says she has no doubt the pellet was from a slug gun.

"You do see them from time to time but this is the first one this year. I haven't seen one for a long time actually. In this area, we don't see it that often."

Paw Justice co-founder Craig Dunn is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to prosecution about the slug-gun shooting.

"Somebody knows, that's for sure. It's disgusting. It may be someone's pet but it's also part of their family."

Contact Paw Justice on 550 0541 if you have any information.

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