Meadowbank Special Housing Area could be seven storeys high

The Meadowbank Road Special Housing Area and extension is marked red.

The Meadowbank Road Special Housing Area and extension is marked red.

 An east Auckland Special Housing Area could be significantly larger then residents originally thought.

In November 2015 Auckland Council announced a new SHA in the Auckland suburb of Meadowbank.

It was stated that approximately 45 apartments would be built at the 8-14 Meadowbank Rd site. The site was then extended in March 2016 to include the property at 6 Meadowbank Rd.

The development will replace eight existing properties.
Southside Group Management Ltd

The development will replace eight existing properties.

The development is being managed by Southside Group Management Limited and Dryden Property Ltd.

Murdoch Dryden, director at Dryden Property Ltd, says following the extension he is unsure how many apartments will be built. At a recent resident association meeting he said it would likely be more than 50.

He says the company has compliance to build up to four levels. But they may be able to build up to six depending on council discretion.

"In this case, the building would be right on the ridge and would not be cutting off anyone's view.

"We are making a case [to Auckland Council] for six levels."

Dryden says if the proposed unitary plan is approved later this year, then it may change the discretion from six levels to seven levels.

He says more levels do not necessarily mean a significant increase in apartments.

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"While you may have 10 apartments on the bottom levels, by the time you get to the top you would only have around three."

Tim Duguid, chairman of the Meadowbank and St Johns Residents Association, says the response from residents has been mainly positive.

"On the one hand there is the interest in having more people in the town centre, which will bring more cafes and stores and I think a lot would like that.

"But then there are neighbours that will be beside the on-going construction, so I can understand their view as well."

Dryden says resource consent has still not been lodged and "will probably be a month or so away".

"We would like to start development in summer, but it is hard to put down a date as we are reliant on a lot of third parties."

Dryden spoke at the residents association April meeting. He will be speaking again at the August meeting. Go to for more information.

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