Older riders get on their bikes

20:28, Feb 04 2013
Anne-Marie Coury
FREE WHEELING: Grey Power 50 Plus Cycling co-ordinator Anne-Marie Coury is running the Go By Bike Day event at the Orakei Community Centre on February 13.

Keen lycra-clad cyclists will join casual riders this month to promote cycling awareness for Bike Wise month.

Anne-Marie Coury says she is a combination of the two: A casual cyclist who wears her lycra under her everyday clothes.

"I don't think anyone notices my bike leggings under my skirt. It makes it really easy to cycle everywhere."

Ms Coury is in her 60s and the president of Auckland Grey Power.

She started cycling regularly last year and created the Grey Power 50 Plus Cycling programme to get baby boomers back on their bikes.

She says the idea is still popular.


"For people moving into the older age bracket it doesn't matter if your knees are creaking or your back clicks, you can actually enjoy being on a bike.

"It's freedom, simple as that."

The group fosters friendships between cyclists who enjoy pedalling about 10km to 25km regularly.

The Remuera resident says she loves "pedal power".

"The enjoyment of cycling is what gets you hooked. It's a very positive addiction to have."

The fitness, health and environmental benefits also make it hard to understand why people don't cycle, she adds.

"You notice things on a bike that you would never notice in a car," Ms Coury says.

"You're in tune with the whole environment and feel woken up when you get where you're going."

Ms Coury says people who are scared of cycling on the road need to begin by planning their routes and times around traffic.

NZTA spokesman Andrew Knackstedt says the aim of Bike Wise month is to show that cycling doesn't have to be daunting.

"People understand that cycling is good for them and good for the environment. But there's a difference between understanding and experiencing it," Mr Knackstedt says.

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