Winning video just the bee's knees for three friends

17:00, Aug 08 2013
Maya Cosford, Natasha Shumilova and Mia Des Forges
BEE HEALTH: Stonefields School pupils Maya Cosford, Natasha Shumilova and Mia Des Forges have won gardening supplies for their school with their video 'We Need Bees'.

Do you know why bees are so important to our natural environment?

Three classmates at Stonefields School have proved that they do. They are thrilled to have won a school video competition run by the National Beekeepers Association.

To mark the start of Bee Aware Month the association invited primary pupils to create a video showing the importance of bees and how people can help them survive.

Year 4 pupil Mia Des Forges heard about the competition through her brother's girlfriend who works at the association. She enlisted the help of her two friends Maya Cosford and Natasha Shumilova.

Teacher Sheena Campbell was very impressed with their efforts.

"The girls took it upon themselves and did it all in their own time. They came up with the concept and decided the message they wanted to communicate."


Mia's mother Lyn Henderson filmed the girls and helped with the structure of the video. Her father Garth Des Forges, who is a photographer, lent them the specialist equipment to complete the animation scenes.

Their research included looking for interesting websites dedicated to bees, Maya says.

"I learned about biodiversity and agriculture. I had never heard of those words. I'm always very eager to find out the meaning of words. I also learned that bees see all colours apart from red and the main colours they like to see are white, yellow, purple and blue."

The main message of the video is that bees can't survive without our help, she says.

"Don't spray your flowers when they are in bloom or during the daytime. Do it in the evening because that's when bees are asleep."

Being a presenter was tricky at times but rewarding, Natasha says.

Learning their video had won was amazing, Mia says.

"I jumped around. Then I called Maya who jumped around. Then I ran with barefeet down to Natasha's house to tell her."

Association chief executive Daniel Paul presented the school with $1500 of gardening supplies from Palmers Gardenworld at a ceremony at the school on August 1.

Miss Campbell says the staff are grateful for the effort the girls put in.

"Being a new school our gardens don't have as much in them as others schools. It's hugely beneficial that we've got lots more gardening products."

We Need Bees! from Garth DF on Vimeo.

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