Residents convince Auckland Transport to adjust school bus services

Meadowbank and St Johns Residents Association chairman Tim Duguid says the out of hours school bus services will have ...

Meadowbank and St Johns Residents Association chairman Tim Duguid says the out of hours school bus services will have many benefits to the community.

East Auckland residents are celebrating after convincing Auckland Transport (AT) to introduce after hour school bus services.

Extra school bus services will be provided between Meadowbank and Selwyn College, after Meadowbank and St John Residents Association (MSJRA) petitioned AT for out of school hours bus services.

Residents Association chairman Tim Duguid and association member Richard Roxburgh drove the petition requesting an early morning and late afternoon school bus service in the area.

While AT provides school bus services to and from local schools for the start and finish of school, it has no school bus services outside of school hours.

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* East Auckland residents petition for school bus services

MSJRA said this made it difficult for students who pursued co-curricular activities outside of school hours to get to and from school.

Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan said AT representatives had met with Roxburgh to discuss an out of hours school bus schedule.

"He gave us excellent feedback which we looked into," Hannan said.

"We have got some good news for him and for everyone who signed his petition.

"When the New Bus Network goes live next year AT will be implementing a new route which links Meadowbank and St Johns to Selwyn College and St Thomas's School before continuing on to Mission Bay," Hannan said.

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Duguid said he was "absolutely delighted" with the result because it would make life easier for residents getting their children to and from school out of hours.

"When the out of hours school bus services are in place, it will mean many less cars on the road because parents won't be driving their kids to school outside of school hours," Duguid said. 

Roxburgh, a parent of children at Selwyn College, said he was very pleased with the result.

He said it was great for the Meadowbank and St Johns community and for students and residents in the area because it would result in less traffic on the road.

"It is also a great result because it shows what can be achieved when a community comes together," Roxburgh said.

Selwyn College acting principal Denise Edwards said it was fantastic that students would have an out of hours bus service.

The new out of hours bus service would be put in place in 2018 at the same time AT introduces a new bus network for the eastern suburbs.


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