$3.78m cycleway offers safe inner city link for cyclists

An artist impression of the proposed redesign of the Victoria St and Beaumont St.

An artist impression of the proposed redesign of the Victoria St and Beaumont St.

A new Auckland CBD cycleway expected to be completed in 2019 will make travelling by bike across the city safer and easier.

Auckland Transport had called for public feedback on the $3.78m Victoria St cycleway development, which will include a dedicated, physically separated route running between the Beaumont St intersection and the Hobson St intersection along Victoria St West.

The cycleway will provide safe, separated cycling facilities between Victoria Park and the Auckland Domain, creating cycleways to and through the heart of the city centre from the west and the east.

Herne Bay resident Chris Gribbon said the cycleway, once in place, would be a "game changer" for his daily cycle commute from Herne Bay to Grafton Gully.

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"Having this section in place will take a lot of stress out of my bike commute because of the separate bike lanes - I will feel much safer on my bike on my way to and from work," he said.

The cycleway will also connect to public transport hubs.

The route will link to the Nelson St cycleway and a future cycleway in Franklin Rd as well as links to Herne Bay and Federal St.

Auckland Transport's manager of walking, cycling and road safety Kathryn King said the route would encourage more people to cycle to and from the inner city.

"It will be one of the most useful routes in our network and we are expecting to get lots of feedback from people very keen to see this cycleway built," King said.

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"While we have got a working design, we want to hear from people who bike through the area or who might in the future, about how we can build a facility that really meets their needs," she said.

Auckland Transport would make changes to the propose design based on public feedback, King said.

Bike Auckland chairwoman Barbara Cuthbert said the cycleway design will make it easier to ride into the city centre from Ponsonby, St Marys Bay and Herne Bay.

"Once the Franklin Rd lanes to the west and Nelson St cycleway at the eastern end are completed, there will be really impressive city cycling routes ready to ride.

"People really want to bike - it's all about joining the dots," Cuthbert said.

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