Taking action to end world hunger

16:00, Oct 17 2013
Ruth Osborne, Tanisha Singh
NOBEL OPPORTUNITY: Ruth Osborne of The Hunger Project New Zealand with Tanisha Singh who will represent the organisation at the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.

Next week 27-year-old Tanisha Singh of Remuera will find herself in the same room as the Dalai Lama.

She leaves today for Warsaw, Poland, where the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates is being held.

Miss Singh is representing The Hunger Project, which she and her family have supported financially for many years. The global developmental organisation focuses on ending chronic hunger.

Just 10 tickets were allocated to The Hunger Project worldwide. It has 380 paid staff and 380,000 volunteers around the world.

Hunger Project New Zealand country director Ruth Osborne was asked to suggest a second-generation supporter who would be suitable. Since the focus of this year's summit is youth, it makes sense to send a young person, she says. Miss Singh was an obvious choice.

"Tanisha's parents have supported us for a long time and her mother was the chair of our board. Now Tanisha and her brother are supporting us too.


"She did her masters in development studies at the London School of Economics, so she's in the zone. She gets it. She's a young professional Kiwi and a global citizen," Ms Osborne says.

"Tanisha and people younger than her are going to be around longer than many of us and they need to be part of that conversation. They are saying access to food is a human rights issue and it is an issue of peace and an issue we need to be pushing for as the next generation.

After three-and-a-half years in London, Miss Singh returned to New Zealand in May to take up a position as a management consultant with Deloitte.

She is grateful that her employer was prepared to give her the time off work to take this trip to Poland.

"I'm really excited about it, it's a great opportunity for me to do something on the world stage, represent the Hunger Project New Zealand and bring back some of the key learnings.

"The Hunger Project's focus is around chronic persistent hunger, that's a differentiating factor, and I like that a high proportion of the funds they deal with go into their projects rather than back office-type functions."

At the summit Miss Singh will hear speakers including the Dalai Lama and Mikhail Gorbachev discuss threats to human rights, inequalities in social justice and how youth can be advocates for peace.

See thp.org for more information.

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