A Christmas Cocktail

20:11, Dec 12 2013
Cocktail 1
46&York: The Parnell Noel
Cocktail 1
Farside Bar: The Christmas Rose
Cocktail 1
Non Solo Pizza: Spiced Pear Bellini
Cocktail 1
Parnell Bar and Grill: Pure Parnell Pleasure
Cocktail 1
Shanghai Lil's: Shanghai Pearl
Cocktail 1
TriBeCa: Chocolate Orange Vodka Martini
Cocktail 1
Windsor Castle: Ho Ho Ohh!

Christmas is the time to get merry and what better way to celebrate the festive season than a delicious cocktail! 

Parnell is getting into the Christmas spirit by running a great little competition.

Several of their top mixologists have created a signature Christmas cocktail and it's all in the name of friendly rivalry between establishmenets.

People are encouraged to try the exciting new drinks and then head on over to Parnell Inc's Facebook page to have their say on the one they like the best.

The competition is running until Christmas Day, so theres still plenty of time to head to Parnell and exercise your taste buds.




Windsor Castle - HO HO OHH!

46&York - The Parnell Noel

Shanghai Lil - Shanghai Pearl

Parnell Bar and Grill - Pure Parnell Pleasure

Non Solo Pizza - Spiced Pear Bellini

Farside Bar - The Christmas Rose

TriBeCa - Chocolate Orange Vodka Martini

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