Police pelted at teen parties

16:00, Jan 30 2014

Police are clamping down on teenage parties after a spate of out-of-control gatherings ended with youths fighting in the streets and police being pelted with bottles.

Multiple police units including the Eagle helicopter were called in to shut down a party of around 60 teenagers aged 14 to 18 at the corner of Rowena Crescent and Taniwha St, Glen Innes, around 10.30pm on Friday.

There have been three instances this month where parties got out of hand after being advertised on Facebook.

One Taniwha St resident, who didn't want to be named, watched Friday's incident unfold from her house.

"We came out because of the noise. At first we saw the girls fighting, not the boys," she says.

Parties are regularly held at the address and sometimes go on to 3am, she says.


A Panmure party the following night and a Glen Innes party a fortnight prior were just as bad.

Senior Sergeant Graeme Porter says having three such incidents in a short space of time is concerning.

"Bottle throwing isn't a habit we have encountered for some time. We would usually get some loud-mouthed youths."

The officers weren't injured.

Mr Porter says gate crashers found out about the parties through Facebook. The incidents are a reminder to be careful with social media, he says.

Police visited the parties earlier in the night to talk to the hosts about keeping festivities in check.

There were no arrests at any of the incidents.

The priority on each night was to stop the disorder, Mr Porter says.

Under legislation that came into effect on December 18 it is illegal to supply alcohol to anyone under 18 unless you are their parent or legal guardian or have the parent or guardian's consent.

Police have been working to identify some of the teens.

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