Artist adds colour to train station

16:00, Feb 27 2014
Reuban Paterson
COLOURFUL DISPLAY: Artist Reuban Paterson’s installation will greet commuters at Newmarket Train Station.

There's nothing quite like an injection of colour to enliven a space.

A towering multi-coloured floral work will have its official unveiling today outside Newmarket Train Station.

The 7 by 7 metre work by artist Reuban Paterson is entitled Andale, andale which translates as Come on, let's go.

It has been commissioned by the Newmarket Arts Trust with support from Auckland Council and the Newmarket Business Association.

The busy pattern refers to the movement of people at the station as well as the movement of a theatre curtain, Paterson says.

"I thought of it like a bullfighter enticing people in and out of the station."


Many of his works are inspired by his Maori and Scottish roots.

He often references his grandmother's frocks, his father's ties and the wallpaper he grew up with as a child.

The pattern of Andale, andale references his Scottish grandmother's floral dress which he has seen in photographs.

The substrate of the work is aluminium and it's gone through a lot of processes to make the glitter adhere to the surface, he says.

It's finished with a clear varnish to provide UV and weather protection.

The work's location is unusual because it sits at an angle, meaning people can see it from Broadway as well as Remuera Rd and Nuffield St.

"In the studio it seemed mammoth but when it went up the sense of scale disappeared because of the architecture and grandeur of the sky," he says.

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