Day for superheroes

16:00, Mar 25 2014
Sera Rogers, Michael Bull
HAVING FUN: Sera Rogers, Michael Bull, Zunilda Rogers and Will Hall enjoy the atmosphere.

Superheroes set off around the bays on Friday for a day of fun in dress-ups.

More than 120 members of the disabled community and their supporters donned their best superhero gear to take part in the annual Cruise the Bays event at Mission Bay.

Cruise the Bays is organised by Geneva Healthcare and IRIS. It is a 1.2 kilometre event developed for the disabled, their support networks and the wider public.

Margaret Alden of Mangere Bridge was happy to take part. She runs her own charity, We'll Make Cents, and is currently raising funds for rehabilitation equipment.

"This is my third time doing it. I get to meet heaps of new people and publicise my charity.

"I also get to win the race because my chair is so fast."

Geneva Healthcare founder Josephine Wallis says it is about celebrating the superhero in everyone.

The organisation is looking to grow the event in the future, she says.

"It's about flipping disabilities into a super power and celebrating what people can do. Everyone has a super power. We're joining the able-bodied up with the disabled and bringing the community together to have some fun along the way."


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