A few good men take on 100km challenge

16:00, Mar 27 2014
GOOD EXAMPLE: From left: Chris Haar, Joe Johansen, Reuben Hardie and James Eketone are hoping to inspire their students by taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker.

Walking 100 kilometres in 36 hours is a heck of a way to encourage youngsters to help others.

That's what three teachers and the chaplain from Saint Kentigern Boys School in Remuera are doing by giving the Oxfam Trailwalker a go.

They call themselves A Few Good Men Do It Again and will be taking on the staggering trek at Lake Taupo with more than 200 other teams next weekend.

The annual event is part of an international series that raises money for Oxfam's aid work.

Chris Haar, Joe Johansen, James Eketone and Reverend Reuben Hardie make up the team.

"We want to show the boys that service doesn't end at the school gates," team leader Chris Haar says.


The group did the Trailwalker event in 2012.

"It's a awesome event. It attracts all walks of life, sizes and ages. That's why we're doing it again," Mr Haar says.

"It's a good job we get on because we have to spend a lot of time together," Mr Hardie says.

Walking 100km seems daunting but the men say there is a lot to be encouraged by.

A highlight of their 2012 attempt was having a haka performed for them at 2am by a Taupo school as they passed through one of the last rest stations before the finish line.

"It was pretty cool. At that stage we were about to drop dead," Mr Haar says.

They walked the last 4km wearing kilts - just for fun.

"We might have to reprise that this year," Mr Haar says.

The team is in good shape for the event if their preparations are anything to go by.

They completed the Hillary Trail along the coast of the Waitakere Ranges in 20 hours. The 77km walk is supposed to take around four days to complete.

A Few Good Men Do It Again is sitting at No 2 on the fundraising leader board and have collected more than $9000 so far.

Students held a sleepover at the school to help fundraise and have been learning about Oxfam and the Trailwalker event in class.

"They can actually see where the money is going, which is good," Mr Hardie says.

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