Stolen bike buildup a bother

20:16, May 18 2014
Phillip Toms
LOST PROPERTY: Ormiston community cop Phillip Toms says many bicycles handed in or found by police are never claimed.

The number of bicycles being abandoned or handed in to police is concerning Ormiston's new community constable.

Phillip Toms says police stations in the Counties Manukau East area gather a small collection of bicycles every few months.

"We've got about 15 push-bikes in there at the moment and nobody's come to claim them.

"Most of the time they're stolen bikes that are dumped when someone runs from police or someone from the public hands them in to us." Toms says most of the bikes would be quite valuable.

There is even one small motorbike that was stolen in Flat Bush and used to evade police. The offender then dumped the bike.

Bicycles are held for about three months at the Ormiston Police Station.


Toms says that unless they are claimed by the owner the bikes will be taken to Turners and be auctioned. All proceeds go to the police consolidated fund.

Residents whose bike is missing or stolen should visit or call their local police station in case it has been handed in, he says.

Toms began his role as community constable in April and says he's "flat out" with work.

Part of his turf covers the new Flat Bush and Mission Heights development.

Toms says efforts to establish community support groups are going well.

"My clients up there are mainly Indian and Chinese.

"A lot of them want to join which is really good and they want to get involved."

However he is concerned some established groups in the area are not talking with each other or to the police.

"I really want to ignite them again and get them to start talking with each other," he says.

Toms says there have been a number of burglaries around the area.

Over the next few weeks he will be starting and finishing work later so he can patrol in the new development areas.

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