ACT leader chooses Pakuranga

03:53, Jul 23 2014
ACT LEADER: Jamie Whyte at his home in Ponsonby, Auckland.

ACT leader Jamie Whyte is defending his decision to stand in the Pakuranga electorate rather than contest the party's stronghold of Epsom at the general election.

He needed to concentrate on securing as many party votes as possible across the country between now at the September 20 poll, he said.

That left Epsom candidate David Seymour to win the Auckland seat.

Winning Epsom was the only way back into Parliament for ACT on current polling, Whyte said.

"David Seymour is going to knock on every single door in the Epsom electorate," he said.

"That requires an absolutely monumental effort.

"I couldn't put in that kind of effort and be an effective party leader."

Whyte, who grew up in Howick, said he would spend some time in the electorate he was standing in during the campaign, just like the leaders of most other political parties.

Auckland-wide issues of concern, such as property prices, were a worry for Pakuranga voters, Whyte said.
But he wasn't aware of any specific "special" issues unique to Pakuranga.

He was looking forward to meeting Pakuranga MP, National's Maurice Williamson, on the campaign trail.

"As far as politicians go, Maurice Williamson is one of my favourites."

The only other candidate to have announced their candidacy for Pakuranga is Labour's Barry Kirker.


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