Clean-up day puts spotlight on Kony

17:00, Apr 26 2012
Kony ESC
MOVEMENT: Kony 2012 activists were acting locally to earn the right to be heard globally last Friday. The East Auckland group was led by student Joanne Wieland.

The movement to keep Joseph Kony in the spotlight continues.

A global awareness day was held last week following on from the controversial internet documentary Kony 2012.

It aimed to make indicted Ugandan war criminal and International Criminal Court fugitive Joseph Kony globally known in order to have him arrested by December this year.

Dubbed Cover the Night the aim of the day was to continue the work started by the film through a series of community projects.

The Kony 2012 campaign is run by charity Invisible Children.

Local branch organiser Joanne Wieland gathered nine of her fellow Invisible Children members to keep the movement alive in their little corner of east Auckland last Friday.


"Part of the campaign is to serve locally to earn the right to be heard globally," she says. "They want people to make an effort to earn the right to be heard. To get out and get your hands dirty takes more effort."

The day involved beach clean-ups at Howick, Cockle Bay, Bucklands and Eastern beaches followed by a poster campaign through Howick.

"Because we live in an area with a lot of beaches it's a good target.

"There's lots of rubbish on these beaches and it's been here for years. We've picked up lots of small pieces."

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