Building owners get call to check for legionella

17:00, May 03 2012

Progress is being made to ensure cooling towers in the region don't harbour harmful legionella bacteria.

Auckland Council and the Auckland Regional Public Health Service, working with building owners, ventilation specialists and water treatment engineers, have identified 650 buildings with a cooling tower.

So far most of them have been shock-dosed with a biocide. The council is continuing to contact owners who have not confirmed that all cooling towers on their premises have been shock-dosed.

A letter was sent to more than 15,000 commercial building owners asking that if they have a cooling tower to contact the council.

Auckland Council building control manager Ian McCormick says it wants owners to get in touch if their buildings have cooling towers that are part of a mechanical ventilation system or industrial plant equipment.

"We will be asking owners to confirm what their system is and that they have shock-dosed it," he says.

"Having done so, owners should have it tested for the presence of legionella within three to seven days, to confirm that any bacteria that may have been present have been killed."

Water treatment providers can also advise on the procedure.

Building owners and managers can phone Auckland Council on 09 353 9358.


Eastern Courier