Wild parties part of the job

21:26, Aug 16 2012
Police Officers
LINE UP: Officers preparing to disperse an out-of-control teenage party.

Crime prevention, bail checks, a small bush fire and a teenage party: August 3 was a quiet Friday night for Counties Manukau East police section five.

This is often the case when media ride along in a car to observe what goes on, Constable James Collins says.

But the evening did reveal the sometimes dangerous and largely thankless job that officers do to protect the public.

Police at Botany downs
QUICK RESPONSE: Police pull up to put out a small bush fire on Te Irirangi Dr near the entrance to Botany Town Centre.

The main event of the evening was a call to an alcohol-fuelled and out-of-control teenage party in Whitford at 11.24pm.

The hosts flagged down a passing police car for help after up to 80 youths turned up at their house.

Police responded in force with 14 officers lining up in formation, a helicopter circling and more units securing the area.


Two officers entered the property to talk to the tenants and remaining partygoers were told to leave.

The formation then moved the evicted people several hundred metres down the road to Whitford township where they were split up and told to disperse.

One 17-year-old man was arrested for breaching the peace and many were given a ride home in a police car.

Two teenagers taken to Cockle Bay beach told the Eastern Courier the party got out of hand after it was put on Facebook and people were told to invite all their friends.

Most of the work done by Constables Taeyong Han and Frankie Tai during the shift was preventative, as their section was a public safety team (PST).

It involved swinging by crime hotspots and liquor ban areas and checking on people who should be at home due to bail conditions.

Some of the things that happened:

■ A whole hour of the constables' time was spent visiting a Kohimarama address to get the details of a teenage driver who had been involved in a minor car accident. The driver's mother had not given them to Mr Han, despite being asked by phone and email to do so.

■ The police car twice swung past McDonald's Botany Downs where young people are known to gather due to free wifi.

■ Two youths standing outside a Howick entertainment venue were questioned because a drug dealer is known to deliver there.

■ One young man was taken to police headquarters in Manukau and given a formal warning for drinking in a car parked at Cockle Bay beach.

■ A suspicious looking car was pulled over in Flat Bush and found not to have had a warrant of fitness or registration for about a year.

■ A small bush fire was extinguished. It was possibly caused by a cigarette.

■ One of a group of six men out for a family reunion was warned for drinking in the Otara town centre car park.

Disclosure: A condition for riding along was that personal information was not revealed and the article was checked by police before print.

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