Girl and dog rescued after tumble down cliff

A teenage girl who tumbled down a cliff face survived by clinging to the last bit of vegetation before a steep drop.

The 19-year-old fell while trying to retrieve her dog which had either chased something over the bank or went investigating near the top of the Shelley Park cliffs, Howick fire station officer Graham Grace says.

It took firefighters a fair amount of time to locate the girl who was found near the end of Tui Vale Rd early on Friday evening.

She suffered minor abrasions and bruising.

"Our line rescue teams arrived and we set up two lines and brought her back to the top, and the dog."

Mr Grace says the cliff was 20 to 30 metres high with vegetation on the top half.

"But then where it has given way and the sandstone starts it sort of drops off fairly suddenly, so she would have had a fair bit of drop if she wasn't holding on."

Mr Grace says the dog was not as happy as the teenager at being rescued.

"He bit one of the guys on the way up," he says.

"Luckily he only got his glove, so no skin was broken or anything."

Eastern Courier